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本所以培育多元社會跨領域整合之公共事務專業管理人才為主軸,著重學生對公共事務管理議題之專業知識、邏輯思考與問題解決能力,建構公共事務管理研究平台,針對目前台灣重要的公共治理議題推動相關學術研究、知識傳播、問題解決與諮詢服務等工作;亦導引學生對地方社會公共領域實務之關注瞭解、參與能力與公 民意識,和當地地方政府、企業、非營利組織及地方社區推展知識交流與相互合作,期能對地方公共事務問題的解決貢獻一番心力。整合學術研究與實務關注之面向,並致力於政府等公共部門在職人員之進修培訓,培養在地關懷與國際視野。

      Our institute aims to cultivate talented professionals from diverse cross-disciplinary fields in public affairs management. We focus on consolidating students’ professional knowledge, logical faculties, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, we have established a platform for public affairs management research, and aim to facilitate knowledge dissemination and problem solving and provide consultancy services for important public management issues in Taiwan. Moreover, we train our students to acknowledge and understand practices in public fields in the local community and encourage them to participate in community activities and cultivate citizen awareness. We cooperate with local governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, and local communities to exchange knowledge so that we can contribute to solving problems in public affairs. We integrate academic research and practice into our work and dedicate ourselves to educating and training public servants who care for the local environment and have a global perspective.



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